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7 million Israelis personal information has been exposed by cybercriminals

Exploit: Hacking

City4U: Municipal Services Platform

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Risk to Business: 1.721 = Severe

Cybercriminals are claiming to have committed an audacious hack that scored them the personal information of around seven million Israelis, approximately 80% of Israel’s population, by hacking into City4U. The website is used by municipalities to allow residents to conduct business like paying utility bills, taxes and fines. The hackers made the claim through a telegram posting, providing samples of the stolen data as proof that included photos of identity cards and financial data.

Customers Impacted: 700,000

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business Human error is still the biggest cause of a data breach and this is one mistake that’s going to cost a fortune by the time GDPR penalties are calculated.

Source: Jpost