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Company Overview

Jim SauerhoeferFuture Digital 360 has been in the technology business since 1986 and started as an Office Equipment Dealer. The founders of our company knew that for a small locally owned business to compete against national giants it would have to provide reliable equipment and extraordinary service. We provide all facets of technology for any business size including Managed Network and IT services, Web Development, Cyber Security, Communication Solutions and Multifunctional Products. Along with our extensive suite of scanning, printing and copying equipment both B/W and color our offerings include, follow-up maintenance, supplies and support.

We worked hard. We grew. We formed a sales department in 2001, and became Authorized Dealers for Lexmark International and Hewlett Packard, two of the most established, reliable, customer-oriented companies in the office equipment industry. It’s a trend that continues today – partnering with the best.

In October 2002 Jim Sauerhoefer a USAF Veteran purchased the majority shares of the corporation and headquartered in the Scottsdale business airpark community, modern warehousing for spare parts, and complete lab for testing along with a demo facility were created to accommodate and showcase the increasingly complex and sophisticated emerging technologies and how the interact with each other. We renewed our focus on Customer Care through implementation of automated Service Dispatching system, Order notification, and our innovative and comprehensive Care plans.

In December 2004 Future Digital 360 acquired Budget Business Systems, a Tempe, Arizona office supply dealer who strengthened the corporation with purchasing power to continue our quest to build strong corporation partnerships throughout the Western United States.

In October 2005 Future Digital 360 acquired Applied Copier Technologies, a Gilbert Arizona office equipment provider for the east valley extending our markets all the way to Tucson.

In September 2010 Future Digital 360 expanded to offer a full range of web service, including hosting advanced design and management of websites. We understand the importance of a trusted partner and ensure our clients are in control of their worldwide presence and information.

In October 2012 Future Digital 360 became an FCC authorized telephony company. Our owner as a military veteran he understood the intelligence world well. Our communication systems are focused on cyber and communication security. We provide both on-premise and cloud-based telephone systems and service, giving our customers the business resources, they need to grow and become successful.

As we exist today, Future Digital 360 is the service organization with decades of experience and customer satisfaction. As a Veteran owned business, we have built our company on the highest of ethical and full disclosure standards.

Today we have the capability to install an advanced office system for any size business, or implement a cloud-based system and connect multiple offices around the world. We know our industry inside and out and offer the best products, practices and services in the business. Give us a call at 480-809-6328 and find out for yourself.