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Acer has just been beleaguered by cyberattacks

Exploit: Hacking

Acer: Computer Manufacturer

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Risk to Business: 1.631 = Severe

Acer has just been beleaguered by cyberattacks in 2021. In its second time at the dance this year, Acer’s India after-sales service has suffered a data breach. A threat actor has already claimed the attack on a popular hacker forum, saying that they stole more than 60GB of files and databases from Acer’s servers. The stolen data includes client, corporate, and financial data and login details belonging to Acer retailers and distributors from India. The threat actor posted a  video showcasing the stolen files and databases to a dark web forum showcasing the records of 10,000 customers, and stolen credentials for 3,000 Indian Acer distributors and retailers.


Individual Impact: No information about the nature of the exposed customer data was available at press time.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business Companies that store large amounts of data are hacker catnip. The data that they can steal will not only reap a big profit, it also open other cybercrime doors.

Source: Bleeping Computer