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Australia – Metrix Consulting

Exploit: Phishing scam
Metrix Consulting: Strategic insight consultancy

Risk to Small Business: 2.222 = Severe: A Metrix Consulting employee fell for a phishing scam that compromised the personal data for visitors of the Perth Mint. The data was provided by visitors who completed a survey that was stored on Metrix Consulting’s servers. This is the second data breach at Perth Mint in the past two years, and it could have significant implications for Matrix Consulting, as they may have a difficult time maintaining contracts if they can’t protect their customers’ data.

Individual Risk: 2.285 = Severe: The personal data included visitors’ names, email addresses, home addresses, and telephone numbers. This information can be used in everything from identity fraud to spear phishing campaigns, so those impacted by the breach should carefully monitor their online accounts for suspicious activity. In addition, The Perth Mint is providing identity monitoring services to all victims and enrolling in this program can help provide long-term identity protection.

Customers Impacted: 1,480
How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Companies that can’t or won’t protect their customers’ data face a serious competitive disadvantage in today’s breach-fatigued environment. As we often report here, many companies terminate contracts with businesses that fail to secure their information, making data security a bottom-line issue for any organization collecting and storing personal data.