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Australia – Commonwealth Federal Courts

Exploit: Accidental data exposure

Commonwealth Federal Courts: Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Risk to Small Business: 2.805 = Moderate

The Commonwealth Federal Courts have acknowledged a “systemic failure” that resulted in the publication of the personal details of hundreds of asylum seekers. The court system removed the discovery feature that compromised peoples’ information. Still, the court has known about the vulnerability for years, leaving many to question its commitment to privacy, especially as it relates to a uniquely vulnerable group of people. In addition to public blowback for the incident, the court system could face additional scrutiny from lawmakers.

Individual Risk: 2.667 = Moderate

The exposed information included the names, nicknames, and birthdates of hundreds of asylum seekers. This information could put them or their families in danger, which is especially egregious given their already vulnerable position.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Public sentiment and new regulatory standards are working to hold organizations accountable when they fail to protect private data. Consequently, any organization that handles this kind of information needs to account for potential vulnerabilities and take every step possible to ensure that their defensive posture can meet the moment, keeping sensitive information off the Dark Web.