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Australia – ProctorU

Exploit: Unauthorized Database Access
ProctorU: Online Test Monitoring Service

Risk to Small Business: 1.667 = Severe

A number of Australian universities have been affected by a breach at testing services provider ProctorU. Hackers from the Shiny Hunters group published the stolen database from ProctorU online. The affected universities include the Group of Eight’s University of Sydney, University of NSW, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, University of Western Australia, and the University of Adelaide, as well as Swinburne University, James Cook University, and Curtin University. The stolen data reportedly contains The data contains usernames, unencrypted passwords, legal names, and full residential addresses of students at the impacted schools.

Individual Risk: 2.871 = Moderate

No financial information was stolen, but student PII was impacted. Students should be cautious of spear phishing attempts using the stolen data

Customers Impacted: 444,267

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Ransomware has become the bane of most cybersecurity planners’ existence. By increasing investment in essential security awareness training tools, companies can better protect their data ( and their budgets) from ransomware.