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Australia – SitePoint

Exploit: Third Party Data Breach
SitePoint: Web Development Education Resources

Risk to Small Business: 1.616 = Severe

Web developer education platform SitePoint has disclosed a security breach this week in emails sent to some of its users after a threat actor listed a collection of one million SitePoint user details for sale on a cybercrime forum. SitePoint has now initiated a password reset on all accounts and is asking users to choose new ones that are at least ten characters long.

Individual Risk: 1.711 = Moderate

The stolen passwords were hashed with the bcrypt algorithm and salted, but SitePoint encourages users who may be recycling their password elsewhere to reset those accounts too.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Password reuse and recycling is endemic, and it can lead to a world of cybersecurity trouble.Add protections that blunt the impact of a reused (and compromised) password.