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Australia – The Toll Group

Exploit: Ransomware 
The Toll Group: Transportation and logistics company   

Risk to Small Business: 1.205 = Extreme

The cascading consequences of a January cybersecurity incident are becoming increasingly apparent for The Toll Group. Earlier this month, the logistics company suffered a ransomware attack predicated on this earlier network compromise. The incident included data exfiltration. That information has now been shared and sold on the Dark Web, complicating an already arduous recovery process for the company and its customers. This incident is a reminder that cybercriminals are no longer content to encrypt networks in hopes of a financial windfall. They are willing to steal and sell company data to ensure that they earn a return on their efforts. 

Individual Risk: 1.407 = Severe

The compromised server contains personal information for many past and present employees. While the company didn’t identify the specific data points, employees should assume the worst and take precautionary measures to secure their personal and financial information. This includes monitoring accounts for suspicious activity and enrolling in credit and identity monitoring services to oversee their personal information 

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: This incident highlights a troubling trend in ransomware. Criminals are exfiltrating data before encrypting company networks, creating multifaceted income streams that make their work more lucrative, and, consequently, more advantageous. However, ransomware attacks are not inevitable, and companies can defend their networks and data by ensuring that their accounts are secure and their network is protected against bad actors.