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Canada – Nova Scotia Health Authority

Exploit: Unauthorized Database Access
Nova Scotia Health Authority: Healthcare System

Risk to Small Business: 2.662 = Moderate

Not one but two security breaches at the Nova Scotia Health Authority have been reported as patient data was accessed by unauthorized individuals. The information was reported as “viewed”, but no details were given on how or by whom. The Nova Scotia Health Authority said it had notified the province’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Individual Risk: 2.874 = Moderate

The Authority said that it has notified the small number of patients affected, and did nor report ant financial information as stolen in either incident.

Customers Impacted: 211

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Sensitive information, especially medical data, requires an extra level of care for protection – or the company that mishandles it will find themselves paying large fines in addition to other remediation costs.