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Canada – OneClass

Exploit: Unsecured Database Access 
OneClass: E-learning Platform

Risk to Small Business: 1.407 = Extreme

An unsecured Amazon Secure Storage Services bucket is the culprit for a data breach at North American education services provider OneClass. The Canadian company was informed of the breach on May 25 by cybersecurity researchers and the database was secured within 24 hours. However, personally identifiable information for more than 1 million students, some as young as 13, had already been extracted.  The compromised 27GB database includes 8.9 million records.  

Individual Risk: 1.719 = Severe: 

Students, teachers, and other users of the platform had personally identifiable data including full names, email addresses (some masked), schools and universities attended, phone numbers, course enrollment data, textbooks, testing results, faculty data, and other OneClass account details compromised. No payment information or financial data is believed to have been affected.  

Customers Impacted: 1 million

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Failure to secure the personally identifiable data of users, especially children, is distasteful to both potential and current clients. Students, teachers, and schools may look at other education platforms to find a more secure alternative. Information compromised in this incident could haunt those affected for years to come as it lingers on the Dark Web.