Data Centers

Data Centers and Colocation

A Data Center is a facility specifically built to house computer equipment and its peripherals. Also described as colocation, collocation or co-location, these structures commonly support tenants with earthquake resilient structures, redundant data center power and data center cooling systems. Today’s data center manager will also respect the tiered Internet service provider offerings from these carrier neutral environments. Future Digital 360 team of professionals has the experience to guide your business into the right data center environment. Think of us as an extension of your technical staff. We’ll work with your IT department for evaluating space, power, cooling, security, location and redundancy. We represent facilities that are SAS70 compliant, TIA – 942 certified, and carrier neutral. Our reputation is based around how we meet your technical objectives.

Future Digital 360 has full service data-hosting centers in Edison, New Jersey to Chicago IL and Los Angeles, California. We offer a secure and dependable environment for our hosted platform and for private AltiGen phone systems and images to reside in. Our data centers provide redundancy, security, and performance. We have 100% availability for power, bandwidth, and network components with exceptional support.

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