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Data leak reveals information about 820,000 New York students

Exploit: Supply Chain Risk

The New York City Department of Education: Government Agency

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Risk to Business: 2.829 = Moderate

The New York City Department of Education has discovered that the personal information of an estimated 850,000 students was exposed in a supply chain service provider data breach in January. That incident occurred at Illuminate Education, a California-based company that provides software to track grades and attendance.  An agreement that the vendor had with NYC Schools called for the data to be encrypted, but it was discovered to not have occurred at the time of the breach. The incident is under investigation by New York state officials.

Individual Impact: No information about the student data or any consumer/employee PII, PHI, or financial data exposure was available at press time.

How It Could Affect Your Customers’ Business A security failure at a supplier can lead to a headache like a data breach for any organization.

Source: K12drive