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Ireland – Savia

Exploit: Accidental data sharing
Savia: Victims’ rights group

Risk to Small Business: 1.427 = Extreme

An employee included hundreds of abuse victims’ personal identities in an external email, creating a data privacy incident with vast implications. Advocates, incensed by the oversight, called for the organization’s leader to resign, and others have publicly threatened to sue Savia. Making matters worse, the organization was slow to address the error, promising to manage the situation after a long holiday weekend concluded. For an organization predicated on trust, this incident has significantly undermined its mission, making it more difficult to successfully advocate for victims’ rights. At the same time, regulatory scrutiny will certainly accompany the incident, potentially bringing financial consequences to an already-arduous situation.

Individual Risk: 1.122 = Extreme

The data breach included the names and personal stories for hundreds of victims, many who never shared their stories publicly. This privacy violation could have profound personal implications for each person involved.

Customers Impacted: 250

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: The Information Commissioner has already promised an investigation into the data breach. The results of the investigation could have profound implications for the organization. When coupled with the reputational damage, Savia certainly has a long road ahead as it seeks to rebuild the public’s trust.