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Japan – Capcom

Exploit: Ransomware
Capcom Co. Ltd.: Videogame Developer 

Risk to Small Business: 1.331= Extreme

Recent data breach damage at Capcom was significantly worse than they thought. Capcom has announced that their investigation has uncovered that the personal data of up to 400,000 customers was compromised in the attack — 40,000 more than the company originally estimated. The announcement added that its investigation is ongoing and that new evidence of additional compromise could still come. The Ragnar locker ransomware group also captured  1TB of corporate data, including banking details, contracts, proprietary data, emails and more.

Individual Risk: 2.623 = Moderate

It’s uncertain if any further client data was impacted. Capcom was quick to note that no customer credit-card data was exfiltrated during the breach, saying that it’s currently safe to play and purchase the company’s games online since those transactions are handled by a third-party service provider.

Customers Impacted: 400,000 and growing

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: No business is too big or too small to fall prey to cybercrime. Ransomware can strike companies of any size and deliver an impact that resounds for months.