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South Africa – Life Health Care

Exploit: Unauthorized database access
Life Health Care: Healthcare Provider

Risk to Small Business: 2.605 = Extreme 

The healthcare provider, which operates 49 hospitals and dozens of other healthcare facilities across South Africa and Botswana, was hit with an attack that compromised its data storage and intake systems. The attack affected its admissions systems, business processing systems, and email servers, although investigators have not yet determined how much patient data (if any) has been compromised. The healthcare provider said that patient service and care were not impacted, although patients could expect longer wait times for the resolution of administrative requests. 

Individual Risk: 2.230 = Severe

Patients who have been treated at any of Life Health Care’s facilities should expect that their personal information and health information has been compromised and take appropriate measures to protect their identities. 

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Healthcare facilities that fall victim to cyberattacks aren’t just facing the costs of a standard breach recovery – they’re also facing potentially hefty regulatory fines, as well as the negative impact on patient trust.