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Sweden- Folksam Insurance Group

Exploit: Accidental Data sharing
Folksam Insurance Group: Insurance Company

Risk to Small Business: 2.801 = Moderate

Swedish insurer Folksam made a misstep last week, when employees accidentally shared access to sensitive client data with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Adobe. There are no indications that the data was used. The data was generated as part of an internal marketing analysis.

Individual Risk: 2.654 = Moderate

Folksam has not said precisely what data was shared, but data they maintain includes financial, personal, and professional information about clients.

Customers Impacted: 1,000,000

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Accidental data sharing is often a result of sloppy data handling and security practices. Clients will lose trust in companies that promise to secure their sensitive data and fail.