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The central bank of the Republic of Indonesia, has been hit by a ransomware

Exploit: Ransomware

Bank Indonesia: Financial Institution

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Risk to Business: 2.721 = Moderate

Bank Indonesia (BI), the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia, confirmed that a ransomware attack hit its networks last month. In a statement, BI said that their operational activities were not disrupted. CNN reported that the hackers made off with non-critical data belonging to Bank Indonesia employees before deploying ransomware payloads on over a dozen systems on the bank’s network. Conti has claimed responsibility. It claims to have 13.88 GB worth of documents and leaked a sample of files allegedly stolen from Bank Indonesia’s network as proof.

Individual Impact: No specifics about any consumer/employee PII or financial data loss were available at press time.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business Personal data is always a winner for cybercriminals who are looking to make a quick profit in the booming dark web data markets.

Source: Bleeping Computer