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The Growing Importance of E-Commerce Mobile Shopping & Personalization

Due to the rise in the use of smartphones and tablets for shopping, mobile commerce is becoming more and more significant. In fact, 71.5% of worldwide ecommerce is predicted to occur on mobile devices in 2019. This represents a substantial improvement over just a few years earlier, in 2016, when mobile commerce made up only 52.2% of all e-commerce.

There are a few causes for this abrupt change. First off, the number of people who possess cellphones and have internet connection has considerably increased in recent years. An estimated 3.7 billion people had internet connectivity in 2016, and 8.5 billion people are anticipated to have it by 2023. Because of this, businesses now have a larger pool of potential clients to appeal to through mobile commerce.

The fact that consumers are utilizing their mobile devices to explore products and make decisions about purchases more frequently is another factor contributing to the growing significance of mobile commerce. In 2019, it is predicted that mobile commerce will make up 30% of all ecommerce and that 81% of internet users will investigate products on their phones before making a purchase. As comparison to 2016, when mobile commerce made up only 15% of total ecommerce, this is a huge increase.

Finally, consumers are positively responding to the trend of firms personalizing the mobile purchasing experience more and more. A 30% increase in sales is predicted to result from firms personalizing the mobile shopping experience for their customers in 50% of cases in 2019.

The trend will only intensify during the ensuing years.

What does this imply for merchants? In other words, they must make sure that their online presence is responsive to mobile devices. This entails offering a customized purchasing experience and having a website that is mobile-friendly.

There are several reasons why personalization is crucial. It initially helps make the customer’s buying experience more seamless. Second, it fosters patronage and repeat business. Finally, it can aid in raising conversion rates and revenue.

The mobile shopping experience can be tailored in a variety of ways. One approach is to use information gathered from the user’s prior behavior to deliver pertinent recommendations. A profile, user wishlist, and merchant recommendations are other ways to let users personalize their purchasing experience.

Ultimately, it is impossible to deny the growing significance of mobile customization and commerce. Which element of mobile shopping or customization do you believe is the most crucial?

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