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United Kingdom – Tesco

Exploit: Phishing/Impersonation
Tesco: Grocery Retailer

Risk to Small Business: 2.877 = Moderate

Retail giant Tesco was recently used as a front for an elaborate phishing operation that used a fake Facebook page as well as SMS and email communication to trick consumers into handing over their details and steal confidential and payment data as part of a fake giveaway for a  new HD TV. Facebook users who shared the post helped it spread. Victims received an email offering them the chance to “register to claim their prize. A button in the message then linked victims to a landing page to enter their name, home address, telephone number, and bank account details. 

Individual Risk: 2.667 = Moderate

The Facebook portion of the scam was shut down quickly, but some consumers did fall for the email, providing bad actors with personal and financial data, and the scam may still be circulating via email. 

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: In a booming Dark Web economy, everything is for sale. Your client’s brand is just as valuable as their data. Digital risk protection can’t stop impersonation schemes, but it can prevent bad actors from masquerading as your client in Dark Web forums or on social media if your client is alerted to the problem quickly enough.