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United States – Home Chef

Exploit: Unauthorized database access
Home Chef: Meal kit & food delivery company

Risk to Small Business: 1.790 = Severe

Hackers obtained a database containing customer data, and sold the information on the Dark Web. The database, which was lifted in a data breach in early May, was available for just $2,500, and it contains the personal data for more than 8 million customers. This incident will further stigmatize Home Chef, which is still grappling with the cybersecurity implications of the previous breach.  

Individual Risk: 1.980 = Severe 

The database stored customer details, including email addresses, encrypted passwords, partial credit card information, genders, ages, and subscription information. Victims should immediately update their Home Chef account passwords and any other platform credentials using the compromised data. In addition, they should carefully monitor their online accounts for instances of fraud or misuse. 

Customers Impacted: 8,000,000

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Customers’ personal data is a valuable commodity, and there is an army of ready buyers on the Dark Web. In response, every company needs to know when their company or client data is being circulated in this nefarious environment, potentially giving them an opportunity to respond before bad actors can capitalize on its availability.