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United States – Manhunt

Exploit: Hacking

Manhunt: Dating App

Social network and dating site Manhunt has suffered a data breach. The company filed a declaration with Washington state regulators disclosing that the 20-year-old site was compromised in a cyberattack that took place in February 2021. An unauthorized third party downloaded personal information belonging to some Manhunt users after gaining access to the company’s account credential database. In the notice of data breach, Manhunt revealed that the personal information of an estimated 7,714 Washington residents had been affected, but did not say how many of the site’s approximately 6 million users outside of Washington state were affected.

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Risk to Business: 1.667= Severe

The compromised database contained customers’ usernames, email addresses, and passwords. After discovering that a breach had occurred, Manhunt performed a forced reset of all users’ passwords. The stolen information could be used to mount phishing, blackmail and identity fraud attacks.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How It Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Hacking into databases is a profitable enterprise for cybercriminals, especially when juicy personal details are acquired. If you’re storing that kind of information, ensuring that you’re using strong security for information storage is essential.