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United States – Minted

Exploit: Unauthorized database access
Minted: Online marketplace for independent artists

Risk to Small Business: 1.980 = Severe 

After a database was made available on the Dark Web, Minted acknowledged a data breach that compromised customer information. The breach happened when hackers accessed a company database on May 6th, and it’s unclear why it took the company more than three weeks to identify and respond. Customers are increasingly willing to walk away from platforms that can’t protect their data, and the company’s slow response could make it more challenging to regain users’ trust. 

Individual Risk: 2.602 = Moderate

The incident compromised users’ data, including their names, addresses, phone numbers. Less than 1% of victims also had their dates of birth exposed. In addition, users’ login credentials were impacted. In response, those affected by the breach need to update their Minted passwords and any other platform passwords that use similar information.

Customers Impacted: 5,000,000

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Data beaches are a public relations nightmare, and a fast, effective response can be the difference between restoring trust and watching customers walk away. At the same time, equipping employees and customers with tools to secure their accounts demonstrates a tangible commitment to data security.