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United States – Piedmont Cancer Institute

Exploit: Phishing
Piedmont Cancer Institute: Specialty Medical Clinic

Risk to Small Business: 2.234 = Severe

Atlanta-based Piedmont Cancer Institute experienced a data breach exposing patient records and other sensitive information after an employee fell for a phishing attack. the incident occurred in a window stretching from mid April to early May and was just disclosed.

Individual Risk: 2.206 = Severe

Patient information exposed due to the email hack includes names, dates of birth, financial account information, and credit/debit card information. Patients who have been affected have been informed and should be alert for identity theft since payment card information was part of this breach.

Customers Impacted: 5,226

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Securing access to sensitive data is essential. Piedmont Cancer Institute is adding multifactor authentication to combat future incursions, a must-have for every business.