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United States – Syracuse University

Exploit: Unauthorized Access to Email
Syracuse University: Institution of Higher Learning

Risk to Small Business: 2.379 = Severe

An unknown party gained unauthorized access to an employee’s email account at Syracuse University. The university launched an investigation with a third party firm that determined in early January that emails and attachments in the account that had been improperly accessed did contain names and Social Security numbers of students, and those affected who have been informed by letter.

Individual Risk: 1.347 = Severe

Impacted students may have had names and Social Security numbers exposed. officials aren’t clear on how much data was stolen or who may have taken it. Students should be alert to potential identity theft or spear phishing attempts

Customers Impacted: 10,000

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Data like this is a currency on the Dark Web, and it can hang around for years acting as fuel for future cybercrime like phishing.