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United States – The Blacklist Alliance

Exploit: Unauthorized Database Access
The Blacklist Alliance: Robocall Legal Advocate

Risk to Small Business: 1.717 = Severe

In an ironic turn of events, The Blacklist Alliance, a company that helps telemarketers dodge lawsuits from violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, has experienced a data breach that leaked the phone numbers, email addresses and passwords of all its customers, as well as mobile phone numbers and data on people who have hired lawyers to go after telemarketers. Thousands of documents, emails, spreadsheets, images, and the names tied to a huge number of mobile phone numbers were freely accessible from the domain The directory also included all 388 Blacklist customer API keys, as well as each customer’s phone number, employer, username, and password ( hashed using the MD5 algorithm).

Individual Risk: 1.912 = Severe

Individuals and companies who have done business with The Blacklist Alliance should consider their information at risk for fraud, identity theft, blackmail, or spear phishing attempts.

Customers Impacted: 388+

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: A failure to secure PII and other sensitive data in an industry that handles secretive personal matters like this can be disastrous. Not only does it open the company up to legal and reputational risk, but it also risks the company’s ability to keep doing business in an industry that prizes anonymity.