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United States – TronicsXchange

Exploit: Misconfiguration
TronicsXchange: Used Electronics Dealer

Risk to Small Business: 1.992 = Severe

A big error at TronicsXchange has led to a big problem, as sensitive customer data was exposed on a misconfigured database. Over 2.6 million files, including ID cards and biometric images, were left open and leaking in a misconfigured AWS S3 bucket. The data appears to be older and is primarily comprised of California residents.

Individual Risk: 1.222 = Extreme

The data that was exposed was seriously sensitive and has the potential for massive troublemaking. Millions of files were leaked including extremely sensitive information like approximately 80,000 images of personal identification cards such as driver’s licenses, and 10,000 fingerprint scans. The leaked driver’s license photos expose even more information about that individual, including license number, full name, birthdate, home address, gender, hair and eye color, height and weight, and a photo of the individual, among other things.

Customers Impacted: 80,000

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Leaving a database unsecured or misconfigured is a symptom of a lax cybersecurity culture. Leaving a database unsecured that has this kind of incredibly sensitive data inside is a disaster that will send customers running for the exits.