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United States – Wolfe & Associates

Exploit: Unauthorized access

Wolfe & Associates: Property management company

Risk to Small Business: 2.756 = Moderate

A company database containing housing applicants’ personal data was infiltrated by hackers more than six months ago, providing bad actors unfettered and unrestrained access to sensitive personal information. Wolfe & Associates learned of the breach when it was notified by a local police department, which raises real questions about their cybersecurity capabilities and defensive posture. In addition to contacting victims directly, Wolfe & Associates completed a holistic overhaul of its IT infrastructure. However, this costly upgrade won’t undo the damage of its negligent data defense.

Individual Risk: 2.593 = Moderate

The stolen database contains account information for 217,000 users. This includes names, email addresses, and hashed and scrambled passwords. Those impacted by the breach should immediately update their login credentials for this website and any other service using the same information, plus closely monitor their accounts for unusual or suspicious activity.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: In response to this incident, Wolfe & Associates undertook a holistic realignment of their data security capabilities. However, in today’s cybersecurity landscape, where hackers are actively looking to exploit lax data defense standards, companies must take action to secure critical information before a breach occurs.