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Weir hit by major ransomware attack

Exploit: Ransomware

Weir: Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

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Risk to Business: 1.616 = Severe

Scottish heavy equipment company Weir was hit with a ransomware attack. The BBC reports the company was essentially shut down briefly by the incident, which took place sometime in September 2021, forcing the company to delay shipments of mining equipment worth more than £50m in revenue. The company noted in its release that because the attackers did not exfiltrate or encrypt any data, it was confident that no financial or sensitive data had been stolen about employees or customers.

Individual Impact: No employee or customer PII or financial data exposure was disclosed in this breach as of press time.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business Ransomware gangs don’t just want to steal data anymore. They’re also more than happy to shut down production lines to obatain ransoms.

Source: BBC