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Australia – My Health Record

Exploit: Unauthorized database access

My Health Record: Online healthcare portal

Risk to Small Business: 2.778 = Moderate

An annual report by the Australian Digital Health Agency uncovered two data breaches related to My Health Record. Strangely, the incidents are several years old, undermining the company’s cybersecurity reputation, which is critical to increasing the healthcare system’s digitization efforts. Attempts to notify victims were unsuccessful, making this a challenging recovery process for all parties.

Individual Risk: 2.890 = Moderate

Those impacted by the breach had their names, addresses, dates of birth, and Medicare information exposed. This information could be used to craft convincing spear phishing emails that target victims’ sensitive data. Therefore, those impacted by the breach should be especially vigilant in assessing the validity of incoming messages.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: For many companies, digitalization is a top priority. This incident is a reminder that data security and technological advancement always need to go hand-in-hand. Otherwise, the former will undermine the latter, and everyone will suffer.