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Belgium – European Parliament

Exploit: Unauthorized database access
EU Parliament: Legislative branch of the European Union

Risk to Small Business: 2.105 = Severe

A website managed by the European Parliament exposed sensitive personal details for current and former staff members. The breach was detected by a cybersecurity company conducting a random screening of exposed data, meaning EU officials were unaware of the vulnerability. This underscores the agency’s integrity, as it tries to curtail data privacy issues through its expansive General Data Protection regulation. In response, users will be required to reset passwords more frequently and adhere to more stringent defensive tactics.

Individual Risk: 2.430 = Severe

Officials have not released the specific information categories compromised in the breach, but they admitted that it includes both personal and professional data. Notably, the breach exposes people to the risk of phishing attacks, which could lead to even more harmful compromises. Those impacted need to carefully scrutinize incoming, ensuring that they are engaging with authentic communications.

Customers Impacted: 16,200

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Even after steps are taken to repair the damage of a data breach, the consequences can linger for years afterward. Bad actors can reuse stolen information to craft convincing phishing scams that threaten sensitive information. Therefore, in today’s digital environment, phishing scam awareness training is a must-have component of any data security initiative.