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Canada – Maropost

Exploit: Unsecured database

Maropost: Customer engagement platform

Risk to Small Business: 2.703 = Severe

An unsecured database exposed the metadata for millions of customers’ emails. The database was discovered in early February by a news outlet who alerted Maropost of the vulnerability. However, those warnings went unheeded, and the database remained exposed until April 1, 2020. Now, the media is calling for customers to hold the company accountable for its actions, which means that Maropost will have to repair its reputation as it overhauls its cybersecurity practices.

Individual Risk: 2.819 = Moderate

Although personally identifiable information wasn’t compromised in the incident, customer metadata could be used to create authentic-looking phishing emails that could trick customers into disclosing even more sensitive data. Those impacted by the breach should carefully scrutinize digital communications to verify their authenticity.

Customers Impacted: 95,000,000

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Unsecured databases are an unforced error that can have devastating consequences for your customers and bottom line. With the consequences of a data breach becoming more apparent to all parties, people are less willing to work with companies that can’t secure critical data. Consequently, companies that want to thrive will ensure that they have taken every precaution possible to demonstrate their efficacy in this regard.