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IT Firm Globant has been breach by Lapsus$ exposing 70GB of data

Exploit: Ransomware

Globant: IT and Software Development

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Cybercrime outfit Lapsus$ is back in the saddle, claiming responsibility for a successful ransomware attack against IT powerhouse Globant. The company confirmed the incident. Lapsus$ posted images that it claims are of extracted data and credentials belonging to the company’s DevOps infrastructure on its Telegram channel. They also shared a torrent file that they claims holds around 70GB of Globant’s source code as well as other data including administrator passwords associated with the firm’s Atlassian suite, including Confluence and Jira, and the Crucible code review tool. One unusual detail: Lapsus$ pointed out the fact that a number of the stolen passwords had been reused several times and were compromised before they got ahold of them, chiding the company for weak password security.

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business The Information Technology sector was the third most impacted sector for ransomware in 2021.

Source: The Hackers News