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United Kingdom – International Maritime Organization (UN IMO)

Exploit: Ransomware
UN IMO: Shipping Safety Regulatory Authority 

Risk to Small Business: 2.071 = Severe

Ransomware chose UN IMO as it’s newest port of call last week, taking several key systems offline at the regulatory organization. in an announcement, UN IMO reported that its Global Integrated Shipping Information Systems (GISIS) database, document repository IMODOCS, and its Virtual Publications service had been knocked down by the attack. Restoration and recovery is underway, and most systems have been restored.

Individual Risk: No personal information was reported as impacted in this incident.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: The number one way for ransomware to land at your business is through a phishing email. Increasing security awareness training including phishing resistance training is essential for preventing cybercrime like ransomware from impacting your organization.