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United States – Dental Care Alliance

Exploit: Hacking
Dental Care Alliance: Dental Practice Support Organization

Risk to Small Business: 2.336 = Severe

Dental Care Alliance, a professional support organization that includes more than 320 dentists in 20 states, has discovered that it experienced a data breach. The incident began on 09/18/20 and was ameliorated on 10/13/20. No cause has yet been specified and the incident is still under investigation.

Individual Risk: 2.114 = Severe

The stolen information included patient names, addresses, dental diagnosis and treatment information, patient account numbers, billing information, bank account numbers, the name of the patient’s dentist, and health insurance information. potentially 10% of patients also had bank account information exposed. Impacted patients are being notified by mail and should be wary of spear phishing attempts using this information.

Customers Impacted: 1 million patients

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: When protecting sensitive information like medical data, it’s essential to maintain strong access point protection to avoid expensive breaches and expensive fines.